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Neuromuscular Massage Therapy for Fast Pain Relief
Lower Back Pain Expert
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The Pain Stops Here!

The Pain Stops Here!

While offering many styles of massage, we  specialize in the relief of chronic lower back pain.  
Why Neuromuscular Massage Therapy Is The Best Atlanta Massage

 If you have lower back pain and have tried massage before, then you might know it is helpful. What if you could have an even better experience that relieves more of the pain?

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy, or NMT, is an excellent and effective way to diffuse lower back pain and other types of chronic pain. It is a form of deep tissue massage or Neuromuscular therapy where massage pressure from the hands and friction are used to release muscle strain. Yet, it goes much deeper than that because as an NMT massage therapist I am trained to evaluate what is causing pain and suffering to get to the root causes.

NMT may release long-standing unrelenting pain, chronic and acute pain, and suffering following surgery too. NMT stands out as better when compared to traditional massage because we not only massage but also evaluate the individual to find and eliminate the source of pain.

What NMT Treats

NMT massage includes assessments and examinations primarily to address the big-picture inter-related aspects of the body that may create and worsen pain, or cause an altered movement of the body in response to pain.

Science-Based NMT And What Causes Pain

The original muscular pain is caused by tender trigger points. The NMT massage therapist is specially trained in scientifically based and clinically based protocols to examine the area where the individual is experiencing pain.

Say that a person comes in with lower back pain. The NMT will explore the way the person walks, their posture, and how the rest of their body is putting pressure on the lower back as part of the primary examination. The muscles around the back are brought into focus to guide steps to improve mobility. NMT look at how the lower back might lead to dysfunctions within those areas that make people overcompensate and cause pain elsewhere in the body. Anytime the back is involved NMTs will look at compression or entrapment of nerves in the spinal column.

They will look closely at how the individual carries themselves through a postural assessment and how they walk. It goes beyond just physiology and includes nutrition, emotional health, and an exploration of any offending allergens, and toxins in the neurological system. They will look at whether the person drinks sufficient water, good nutrition, and has effective breathing patterns, as well as their level of psychological stress.

Usually, addressing the biomechanical, psychosocial, and biochemical together results in relief. As an NMT massage therapist, I follow a step-by-step process to relieve lower back pain to help you regain your mobility to enjoy a better life.

Over a thousand hours of training & Eight years experience in the following areas:

  • Neuromuscular Massage Therapy (NMT) -This is for the relief of chronic pain.
  • Swedish Massage -Think rest and relaxation.
  • Sports Massage – Great for before or after the game. Sports injuries.
  • Deep tissue Massage – Because it's deep.

Comfortable working with all people and with all body types.

Licensed through the State of Georgia license number MT011219

  • Ga license # MT011219
  • Nuromuscular Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Lymph Drainage Massage
  • Lumbar spine massage
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Energy Work
  • Breathwork
About Massage Therapy
Therapeutic massage improves muscle tone, alleviates pain in the joints and muscles, relaxes tight muscles caused by mental, emotional or physical stress, as well as improves circulation, allowing the body to rid itself of toxins. Massage calms and soothes the emotions and promotes a feeling of inner peace.  Don't worry if you don't know what type of massage you need, most sessions combine more than one modality.

To Learn more about the different styles of Massage and services offered, CLICK HERE
Therapeutic Massage Therapy Neuromuscular Massage

The Lower Back Pain, Chronic Pain expert.

 If you’re like the vast majority of working adults, you may suffer from low back pain. Workplace injuries, poor posture, and unnatural movements can all contribute to lower back pain. However, there is a remedy available that can reverse pain in the lower back and contribute to a healthier lifestyle. That remedy is Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT).

How NMT Can Help

Low back pain is often a chronic disorder that causes unrelenting pain in the muscles and tendons of the back. NMT involves a precise examination of the body to determine the source of low back pain. Having been around for hundreds of years, this therapy uses hands-on movements and pressure to release tension and restore the body to optimum health.

Based on science and proven through many years of research, NMT offers total body relief from back pain as well as offers numerous other benefits including:

  •  Promotes tissue regeneration
  • Improves circulation and reduces spasms of the back
  • Releases the body’s natural pain-killing endorphins
  • Increases flexibility and range of motion
  • Reduces the need for medication
Getting back to your old self is undoubtedly your number one concern, and through helpful treatments like NMT, you can. Consider this therapy if you suffer from lower back pain and would like to experience relief in just a few sessions.
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